Organic Fertilisers

PlantMaster was established in 1998, with its mission being development of a range of organic fertilisers.

Long before PlantMaster produced its original organic fertiliser, "Power Pellets", we were farmers, running sheep on our Snowy Mountains property. When wool prices declined, we decided to diversify into growing cherries. The local Dept. of Ag. man said: "You must be joking. You guys know nothing about soils growing cherries is not like watching sheep you know, you almost certainly will fail. He was right about knowing nothing about soils but wrong about failing.


Power Pellets - Organic Fertiliser

Power Pellets is a plant based fertiliser. Although unique in the market today, it is based on the age old process, whereby plant matter falls to the rainforest floor and is broken down by micro-organisms to create the ultimate mineral rich soil whilst remaining in harmony with the environment.

Certified No ChemicalsCompletely Safe
No Animal ManuresStimulates Soil Microbes
High Mineral ContentLucerne Based
Revitalises SoilLong Lasting
100% Organic FertiliserEasy to Use

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