Plantmaster has as its focus development of unique 100% organic fertiliser products, for application in home garden and commercial grower markets.

Over the past 13 years, Plantmaster has created three such products:


Plantmaster Power Pellets®:

Plantmaster's flagship fertiliser, developed for home garden and commercial market application in Australia and The UK.
2.5kg bag for $25 including shipping within Australia


Plantmaster New Organic Power®:

Developed specifically to conform to Japan's regulatory requirements, for sale into the vast home garden market in Japan.
Not for sale in Australia.

Plantmaster fPod:

A new concept in indoor plant fertilising, recently accepted for Patent Grant by Patent Office (Australia).
All Plantmaster's products are seen as viable replacements for synthetic chemical fertilisers and animal manures.

New Product Trialling

Currently, in the final stages of trial is a low-cost 100% organic fertiliser developed for application in peri-urban vegetable grower markets of Australia.

Power Pellets® and Plantmaster New Organic Power® meet all known criteria for production of pure wholesome organic foods, while at the same time promoting biological activity in soils, increasing organic matter and improving long-term soil fertility. Plantmaster fPod provides an effective organic alternative to fertilising indoor plants with chemicals or animal waste products.
Plantmaster's fertilisers all have been designed to meet the increasing consumer demand for chemical-free products that offer personal and environmental benefits.


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