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Lucerne-based Power Pellets could be considered to be the ideal organic fertiliser. No smell. No animal manures. No chemicals. Safe for all plants. Safe for adults, children and pets. Safe for the environment.
Power Pellets also improves soil fertility, produces magnificent flowers, mineral rich fruit and vegetables and fresh fragrant herbs.
Power Pellets nutrients - N 3.0 P 1.0 K 2.0
Question What is in Power Pellets?
Answer 100% pure and natural ingredients. Premium grade Lucerne meal, powdered rock minerals, organic phosphorous and an enzyme that stimulates soil microorganisms.
Question How is Power Pellets different from other organic fertilizers?
Answer The combination of all the natural ingredients in Power Pellets is synergistic, producing four-way benefits:
  1. Suitable for ALL plants (unique)
  2. Re-mineralises soils (unique)
  3. Includes a patented catalyst that stimulates beneficial soil microorganisms and enhances root development (unique)
  4. It contains Triacontanol, a magical natural growth hormone that stimulates plant growth (unique).
    A major point of difference with Power Pellets is that it contains NO animal wastes, and therefore does not stink!
    It also is vastly superior for the environment.
Question Why are the minerals included in the Power Pellets formulation important?
Answer Fertile soils contain all the minerals and trace elements essential for plant development. However, over time and with continuous use, soils become depleted of minerals, which are removed by plants, by erosion, and by leaching. In the natural order, fresh minerals are added to the soil by volcanic and glacial action. This produces finely ground rock powders containing a multitude of different minerals and trace elements. Old, overworked soils simply lack the range of minerals necessary for optimum plant growth. The Power Pellets formulation includes a blend of scientifically selected powdered rock minerals including over 30 elements. Immediately upon application, the pellets begin to release an abundance of essential minerals into the soil, accelerating the re-mineralisation process.
Question Why are microorganisms important?
Answer Microorganisms produce second-to-none plant food. These tiny creatures (there can be billions in one gram) work tirelessly, breaking down vegetable matter and minerals in soils and converting them into a form that can be absorbed by plant roots. A thriving population of microorganisms is essential for healthy plant growth and fertile, sweet-smelling soil.
Question How does Power Pellets actually work?
Answer Power Pellets adds valuable organic matter to the soil; provides plants and soils with a range of essential elements; stimulates microbial activity; increases soil moisture retention and nutrient storage capacity, and encourages earthworms. Power Pellets in fact complements Nature's way of feeding plants - by feeding soil microorganisms that in turn feed plants - a process that is literally billions of years old. (This natural method of feeding is in contrast to chemical feeding which is the plant equivalent of "fast food". Chemicals may produce rapid plant response but present potentially serious long-term consequences for microorganisms, soil structure and soil health).
Question How do I apply Power Pellets?
  1. Make sure soil is moist
  2. Sprinkle Power Pellets onto the surface of your pot plant, or around plants in your garden
  3. Cover pellets in pots with 1-2 cms of potting mix, or cover with mulch in the garden. (Covering the pellets ensures they stay moist, which is the way microorganisms like it).
Question Are Power Pellets safe to handle?
Answer YES. Power Pellets do not contain animal faeces and present no known health problems. However, it is always wise to follow sensible practices when using any garden product.
Question How much should I apply?
Answer Follow the instructions on the bag as a guide. Apply in handfuls. Power Pellets is formulated as a slow-release gentle-action fertiliser, so you don't have to be too concerned about precise rates. No worries about overdosing.
Question How long does each application last?
Answer A minimum of 6- 8 weeks, sometimes much longer.
Question What about application by industry professionals?
Answer Power Pellets was created principally to satisfy demands of commercial organic growers and environmentally-aware Government bodies. The back of the Power Pellets pack details application instructions to be followed by these groups.
Question What about watering?
Answer It is not necessary to be fanatical about watering as Power Pellets hold their own weight in water and also increase nutrient storage capacity. This enables plants fertilised with Power Pellets to hang on surprisingly well, even in dry times. However, it is important to remember that soils must be kept moist for microorganisms to do their job. On the other hand it should be noted that over-watering of plants in pot plants can cause toxicity and over-watering should be avoided.
Question Can I use Power Pellets on tender young seedlings?
Answer Yes. Apply sparingly. Ensure that enough water is provided initially to fully wet the pellets.
Question Can I use Power Pellets on Australian Natives?
Answer Yes. The level of phosphorous in Power Pellets is low and is released slowly.
Question Can I use to germinate seeds?
Answer Yes. Make up a "tea" with Power Pellets. Add 2 desert-spoons of Pellets to one Litre hot water. Allow to cool then pour through sieve onto seedling tray(s).
Question Will Power Pellets cause root burn?
Answer No. Power Pellets is low in soluble salts and ammonia. These are the main causes of root burn.
Question Can I use Power Pellets on ALL flowers, ALL herbs, ALL vegetables, ALL shrubs, and ALL trees?
Answer Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes and Yes.
Question Is Power Pellets good for my soil? Why?
Answer Power Pellets actually enriches soils, putting back nutrients and organic matter that watering, and plants, take out. Power Pellets adds organic matter; adds trace and ultra-trace elements; stimulates microbial activity; increases soil moisture and nutrient storage capacity. Healthy soils produce healthy, disease-resistant plants.
Question Am I doing the right thing by the environment in using Power Pellets?
Yes. Not one of the ingredients in Power Pellets is harmful to the environment. This product meets the world's strictest health safety standards (The Netherlands). There are no chemicals added to Power Pellets that will leach through the soil and end up polluting waterways or contributing to global warming. Similarly, Power Pellets as a vegetable-based fertiliser, is a vastly superior choice to animal manure fertilisers that contribute to global warming.
Question Who is NASSA?
Answer NASAA stands for National Association of Sustainable Agriculture of Australia. This body is accredited by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement) to certify organic fertilisers and organic produce. Members of IFOAM form a worldwide group that sets international standards for organic inputs (for farming) and production (of foods).
Question What is the significance of Power Pellets being certified organic by NASAA?
Answer Consumers and producers can use Power Pellets safe in the knowledge that Power Pellets contains pure organic ingredients only and contains absolutely no chemicals. The same claim can not be made by many other so-called "organics". The only way consumers are able to know for certain whether or not fertilisers contain chemicals, herbicides or pesticides is to look for an organic certification label on the pack. If it's not there then it's a fairly safe bet the product is not organic. Power Pellets has full organic fertilizer certification by NASAA under registered number 4179M. Power Pellets also meets the stringent international standards set for manufacture of organic fertilisers.
Question Why is Power Pellets presented in a pellet format?
Answer Pellets are slower to break down than powders facilitating the slow release of nutrients over a long period (6-8 weeks and longer).
Question What is the significance of the scientific formulation of the powdered rock minerals?
Answer Plants need a wide variety of minerals and trace elements to grow to their optimum. A formulation of rock from different Ages and of different types, that took over 20 years to refine and develop, has been found to provide an ideal balance. The effectiveness of the scientific formulation of powdered rock minerals in Power Pellets is demonstrated by improved root development, mobilization of nutrients that often are "locked-up" in soils and consequent enhanced plant development.
Question It is claimed Power Pellets outperform the market leader
Answer Power Pellets was trialed against the market leader at University of Western Sydney. Report summary included the following statement: "Averaged over the three application rates, plants fertilised (in potting mix) with the new organic fertiliser were at least 230% more productive than those fertilised with (market leader)." "The Lucerne-based product outperformed (market leader) in all soil treatments. Averaged over the three application rates, plants fertilised with the new organic fertiliser were at least 120% more productive than those fertilised with (market leader)".
A considerable amount of the nitrogen in chicken manure fertilisers "burns off" (volatilises) within a matter of several weeks, thereby limiting the longer-term performance of chicken manure products. The nitrogen in Power Pellets does not burn off, part of the reason for its effectiveness over longer periods. Power Pellets also includes a range of insoluble minerals and patented microbial activator not available in chicken manure products.
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