About Power Pellets®

The story so far....

Long before Plantmaster developed the Power Pellets® organic fertiliser we were farmers, running sheep and cattle on our Snowy Mountains property. When wool prices declined we decided to diversify into growing cherries. The local Dept. of Ag. man said: "You must be joking. You guys know nothing about soils - growing cherries is not like watching sheep you know, you almost certainly will fail." He was right about knowing nothing about soils but wrong about failing.

All we knew in those dark old days was that when you threw out some Super (superphosphate) things greened up, so that seemed like a good idea. We had no concept whatsoever what this chemical fertilising practice was doing to the soil and the multitude of life forms living in it. Nor in fact did we understand why our crops seemed to require ever-increasing doses of chemical fertilisers to achieve the same yields.

It was only after a trip to WA in the late-eighties that the penny dropped. We witnessed at first hand the devastating effects of long-term chemical fertilising practises on prime agricultural pastures - reducing them to little more than sandy wastelands - and at the same time noticing the beneficial effects of application of a scientific formulation of Australian rock minerals.

It was a simple matter to observe the differences between pastures that had had this treatment and those that had not. The minerals seemed to have brought the sandy soils "back to life", with new growth evident and earthworms in abundance. The treated soils even smelled fresher, alive. By contrast, untreated pastures looked like patches of the desert and they the soils smelled sour.

It was this trip 25 years ago that became the genesis for development of the 100% organic fertiliser now known as Power Pellets®.

Aware of the advantages of soil re-mineralisation, we began carrying out numerous trials, adding a variety of organic media to minerals - to provide higher rates of nitrogen (for more rapid plant growth) and phosphorous (for vigour). It soon became clear that the ideal organic media for providing the nitrogen source was the 'King of Crops' - Lucerne. However, at this time Lucerne had never been used as a fertiliser, (typically used as a high quality stock feed), so we were breaking new ground.

Ultimately, the formulation determined to be the best was trialled against the market leader in chicken manure fertilisers. The results were outstanding - a greater than 60% improvement in plant growth and flowering was achieved. And, we had eliminated the problem of stench, endemic to chicken manure and animal waste fertiliser products. In 1998 "Power Pellets®" was born.

We are pleased to advise that the Power Pellets® product went on to win an AusIndustry Award for innovation and has qualified for inclusion in Government's Australian Technology Showcase.

Plantmaster's mission remains - producing innovative organic fertilisers for home garden and grower application, trying to make a difference to the quality of fruit and vegetables people eat while simultaneously caring for precious soils and the environment.