Power Pellets®

Features & Benefits

Power Pellets® fertiliser is the perfect product for use in growing your own herbs, vegetables and fruit. Why?

  • Power Pellets® are manufactured from entirely natural raw materials and contain absolutely no chemicals, no synthetic NPK boosters and no fillers. You will not be ingesting chemicals or eating animal manures when you use Power Pellets® to fertilise the plants you eat. Think about it!
  • Power Pellets® fertiliser is Certified Organic by respected Certification body NASAA (Registration 4179M). This certification means that you can be confident there definitely are no chemicals in Power Pellets® - more than can be said for many other so-called organic fertilisers.
  • Power Pellets are easy to use. Simply sprinkle pellets on the soil surface - no need to dig in - it is that easy.
  • One application of Power Pellets® lasts 50 - 70 days. Keep plants watered - that's all there is to it.
  • Power Pellets® are safe to use on all herbs and vegetables - no exceptions.
  • Power Pellets® feed plants the way Nature intended, by feeding the soil - feeding micro-organisms in the soil and building soil fertility. This is the opposite of chemical fertilisers that destroy soil micro-organisms and ultimately may render soils lifeless.
  • You will taste the difference in plants you grow with Power Pellets®. Your health and well-being will benefit from the array of vitamins and minerals provided by natural plant food, grown under your control.

Power Pellets® fertiliser is an excellent product for fertilising ALL flowers, shrubs & fruit trees in your garden. Why?

  • Power Pellets® is a premium organic fertiliser that delivers excellent results for ALL plants, producing luxurious growth, abundant flowering and fruiting.
    Scientific trials have proven Power Pellets® dramatically outperforms the market leader in chicken manures on all these measurements.
  • Power Pellets® delivers nutrients to plants slowly and gently over 50 days, and beyond. Minerals in Power Pellets® feed beneficial soil micro-organisms for more than 90 days.
  • You can safely handle Power Pellets® as you fertilise. There are no disease pathogen issues with this product. Safe for your pets too.
  • Overworked or depleted soils will respond miraculously to a Power Pellets®' feeding. Same with sick plants.
  • Power Pellets® hold their own weight in water, increase soil water storage and provide additional water to plants in times of stress.
  • Use Power Pellets® to enrich your garden soil before new plantings and before you put down a new lawn.
  • Fertilising with Power Pellets® avoids the foul smell associated with animal wastes - will not offend your neighbours - just delivers a pleasant "country" aroma.

Power Pellets® fertiliser is an excellent product for growers of organic crops. Why?

  • Power Pellets® is a Certified Organic Input (NASAA 4179M). This means growers can be confident their crops will achieve a "Certified Organic" rating (provided of course that all other certification requirements have been met.)
  • Labour costs for row crops are significantly reduced when using Power Pellets® because one application lasts 6 weeks, or more, and, Power Pellets® need only be applied to soil surface and not drilled in (also environmentally beneficial).
  • Power Pellets® fertiliser is an excellent environmental choice for growers. It has a beneficial effect on soil biology. It is better for the environment than chemical or animal manure fertilisers because of its minimal nitrous oxide emissions (serious contributors to global warming).
  • Power Pellets® builds soil fertility. This can be of considerable benefit to soils that are continuously cropped, as for market gardens.
  • Power Pellets® can safely be used as a base fertiliser for ALL crops.
  • Fruit and vegetables grown with Power Pellets® have a superior taste to chemical fertilisers and longer shelf life.
  • There are no high phosphorous issues with Power Pellets®. Being low in soluble salts, Power Pellets® will not cause root burn and can be used in seedlings and bare root plantings.
  • Power Pellets® hold their own weight in water. This increases soil water storage and provides additional water to crops in times of stress.

UWS Greenhouse Trial

Tomato plants after 4 weeks.

Fertliser applied to the surface of the potting mix.
(L to R): Nil, Power Pellets® and Dynamic Lifter

Marigold plants after 4 weeks.

Fertliser applied to the surface of the potting mix.
(L to R): Nil, Power Pellets® and Dynamic Lifter